Labor and Employment Law

At GARCIA-MENOCAL, P.L. we represent individuals and businesses across a broad spectrum of civil law, to include Employment and Labor Law. Whether you hire your own employees or independent contractors, you will need to legal representation from attorneys that possess a solid understanding of both federal and Florida employment and labor laws to include, but not limited to the Re-Employment Compensation cases and appeals, Equal Protection Laws (such as Title VII), The American Disabilities Act, The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Fair Labor Standards Act (regarding overtime and minimum wage requirements), the National Labor Relations Act, The Railway Act and issues involving collective bargaining grievances and violation. Our attorneys are licensed in Florida to include membership in all three (3) of Florida’s federal court jurisdictions (the federal courts for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Florida) and in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. We have represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in a variety of employment and labor law cases to include cases involving: minimum wage, overtime benefits and wages, unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. We have the resources and experience to provide guidance information about U.S. employment laws and regulations and to include how employers should comply with them in order to avoid litigation and equally to represent you if you have been served with a lawsuit.